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Our mission is to create an inclusive global cannabis ecosystem that provides solutions for entrepreneurs and individuals seeking careers in the industry. Cannabiziac™ is committed to every member’s success - when you succeed, we succeed.

Cannabiziac is a global member-based company helping new and existing businesses and professionals tap into the growing $43 Billion global cannabis industry by providing education, training, access to international industry experts, financial resources, networking events, mentorship, and advocacy. Cannabiziac™ offers:

  • Education & Training
  • On-demand courses
  • Cannabis-focused incubator and accelerator programs
  • Webinars
  • Business Consulting & Coaching
  • Recruiting & Talent Development
  • Networking & Special Events
  • Coworking spaces
  • Access to Financial Resources
  • Advocacy


Our incubator program is designed with success in mind providing an array of strategic advising, programming, mentorship, and networking.


We help businesses get up and running with state registrations, marketing, business automation, registering for a marijuana business license, and more.


Our modern co-work rivals any other and is exclusively geared toward cannabis-based businesses to feel safe conducting their work in the same sphere as other like-minded entrepreneurs.

We also bring you the latest news, events and happenings in the cannabis industry.

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Exponential Growth

The Cannabis Industry consists of Marijuana, Hemp, and derived Cannabinoid businesses. It is garnering significant attention from investors, manufacturers, and researchers, and has grown exponentially with the number of active marijuana licenses for cultivation, processing, distribution, and testing. The US Cannabis Market was $22.9 billion in 2020 and is projected to grow by 18.1% through 2026. There are about 321,000 jobs in the industry. The global legal marijuana market size is is expected to reach USD $84 billion by 2028.

Industry Supporters

There are thousands of ancillary industry professions that do not directly interface with the Cannabis plant, but support the industry, such as packaging, accounting, legal, human resources, technology, and marketing roles. Cannabiziac aims to bring all aspects of the industry together through a diverse and inclusive ecosystem in which all businesses and professionals can grow, thrive, and succeed. We are the bridge between consumers, marketers, manufacturers, professionals working in the industry and government. We provide a safe space – from ideation to execution.